Susie Lee-Snell

We took our daughter to Susie for treatment for both ​food allergies ​​​and environmental allergies. Our daughter was taking two oral inhalers and would also use a nebulizer when she would get a cold. Over a year and a half Susie worked with her on both the food allergies and the environmental allergies. During this period we saw the initial reduction in  ​the use of the inhalers to eventually dropping the inhalers entirely.  In regards to the food allergies she is now able to enjoy all foods.  The improvement in her health has been seen in everything form her energy levels to sleep to not having to rely upon ​medication to treat her allergies.
It was also during this period of time that as a parent I also started to see Susie for stomach issues related to milk sensitivity as well as stomach issues related to stress.  While not allergic to milk as a child and into my teens, as an adult milk would cause me severe intestinal distress. Susie was able to treat me while balancing the busy life of a working parent.  
As a family we highly recommend Susie and the work that she does. She has changed all of our lives!

Bradley P.

Westwood, MA

Eighteen months ago, my then 8 year old daughter, Hope, started having allergic reactions to nuts.  Over a 14 day period, she went from never having an allergic reaction to food to having increasingly severe ones that included hives, swollen eyes and lips and a great deal of anxiety.  I took her to the allergist where tests came back "inconclusive".  Her reactions, however, were very "conclusive".  
Knowing the success Susie's own children had with the therapies that Susie now practices, I sought her help with Hope.  A little over a year since her first outbreak of hives, Hope is now allergy-free.  Susie was a calm and caring guide through this unprecedented episode in Hope's health.  She taught Hope how to use her energy positively to counteract the effects of her allergens and greatly reduced her anxiety and fear about having allergies.  Hope knew Susie was on her team and will tell anyone who asks about her allergies, "Susie cured me!"  There is no greater testimonial I can offer than that.

Claire S.

Lexington, MA


When my son started seeing Susie about 3 years ago, he had severe allergies to milk, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts and shellfish.  I have to admit I was skeptical at first, but my son can now enjoy all of these foods without any adverse reactions.  It makes perfect sense that your body has to be in balance and grow accustomed to processing foods which it initially attacked.  We slowly introduced each food to him in miniscule amounts and then, with th support Susie provided at our visits, slowly increased the amounts he ate until he was able to eat the food in his regular diet.  My son now enjoys ice cream and pancakes and many other things he previously had to avoid.  The best part as a parent is not having to worry that he will inadvertently come into contact with something that he will have an allergic reaction to. It has made a huge difference in his life and ours as a family, so thank you so much Susie – it was well worth it!!

Susan M.

Lexington, MA


On a trip to Mexico, I contracted parasites that I could not eradicate for over a year.  I tried traditional medicines (antibiotics, anti parasitics) to no avail.  With time, I had a severe case of IBS and became lactose intolerant, which is not ideal as a vegetarian!  I changed my diet, increased probiotics, received acupuncture still to no avail.  After seeing Susie for 6 months, she has helped me achieve balance with my digestive system and is working with me to be able to digest lactose again!  In addition to food allergies and digestion issues, Susie supports my entire immune system by moderating "blockages" that she detects via computer technology.  I am now bringing my 12 year old to manage her food sensitivities.  The work we have done with Susie has been enjoyable as Susie balances the knowledge she has of food and nutrition from her Health Coach certification with alternative ideas and methodologies.  She has a very calming and nurturing way about her.  

Leslie Z.

Lexington, MA

I have been suffering from seasonal and dust allergies for more than 10 years.  I've tried Zyrtec, Claritin, Benadryl and until last year Allegra for varying degree of relief. In the spring, when pollen counts are particularly high, medications didn't help much. My eyes would itch so badly I wanted to pluck my eyes out of the socket. Twice I rubbed the eyes so much that the conjunctiva swelled up and I couldn't blink properly. In seasons when flower pollen counts are high, my body would ache and develop a fever so it would be mistaken for flu (of course, taking flu medicine didn't help much).

I started Allergy Release Technique sessions with Susie in early 2011 after seeing my son, who has life-threatening allergies to many common food ingredients like wheat, milk, beef, etc. overcame his deadly allergies through Allergy Release Technique. At first I was very skeptical about the theory behind Allergy Release Technique and was very much in doubt of its effectiveness. But after seeing how my son made improvements and overcame many of his allergies, I decided to give it a try and I'm glad I did.

After just 6 weeks of treatment with Susie, I noticed that I didn’t have sneezing attacks any more when I would enter into a dusty environment (I sneezed so much that I ran out of air in my lungs). During the spring of 2012, I did not have any flu like symptoms or the dreadful itchy eyes. Now, Susie and I are working on getting me to tolerate apples and soymilk.

If you have severe allergies that interfere with your life, I strongly recommend you try Allergy Release Technique sessions with Susie. Keep an open mind and try it. It is not invasive and it does not involve any medication or even supplements - but it works.

John S. Lee
Systems Architect

Fortune 100 Company

I developed sensitivity to meat in middle school (probably earlier) and reacted anywhere from eczema and large hives that scarred to vomiting but was able to keep it under control by being careful about eating cleaner meats and less of it.  After going through pregnancy with each of my two children my immune response became increasingly more sensitive such that I would get hives if my kids kissed me after eating meat.  I was introduced to Allergy Release Technique from a friend of mine that had all three of her chidlren treated for food allergies that caused anaphylaxis.  Working with Susie has been life changing, I am now able to eat anything and she got rid of all my season allergies as well.  Susie truly rebalanced my system and it has stayed that way.  

With ART, Susie was able to detect other food and environmental allergens that my immune system was responding to that I was not even aware of.  The treatments are non-invasive which was an importat factor for me, and my kids.  No painful shots, blood sample and skin tests like those used in traditional allergy treatments but most importantly it is a cure.  

I had Susie treat my five-year old son for food and environmental allergies and he is so happy to not have food restriction and not have to take oral allergy medication anymore for pollens and molds. I will have her treat my daughter in the near future. Susie herself is a warm and wonderful person. She and her children have suffered from allergies so she has experienced all this fristhand and understands sher clients.  She truly wants to help people.  

Ming T.

Lexington, MA

Suffering from indoor and outdoor allergies for over 25 years, it has become part of my daily routine to take a pill to alleviate my symptoms and certain times of the year, even the pills did not fully work.

I have used most of the prescription and over the counter medications that are available but I have always been looking for an alternative to taking pills every day. I have tried other methods of relief including nasal sprays, a neti pot etc. but they never seemed to work for more than a couple of hours and I did not want to start taking shots.

I thought that I would try the Allergy Release Technique with Susie and I am so glad I did! The sessions are relaxing and at the same time, very informative. I have never left a session without learning something new. After a few months of sessions, for the first time since I developed allergies, I have been able to go for stretches of time without having to take a daily pill. That feels amazing!

Susie is very knowledgeable about healthy living and during our sessions, she was always there to help me with tips and techniques to help me achieve a healthier body. In addition to helping alleviate my allergy symptoms, she has also helped improve my overall health including relief from my menopausal symptoms (my hot flashes have diminished greatly) and curbing my cravings for foods that are not good for me (I can finally walk past a plate of cookies without eating them!).

Working with Susie these past few months, I feel better than I have in years!

Christine S.

Reading, MA


Before I started seeing Susie, my immune system was very dysfunctional. I had itchy eczema around my lips that was persistent and getting worse, and I got a cold every 5 weeks for 8 months. Even being in the presence of someone that was sick would cause me to catch their cold! I went to a traditional dermatologist where I got patch-testing done and they told me I was allergic to most chemicals that are in everyday products, and that I could only use a small set of fragrance-free petroleum-based bath products. When I heard about an alternative allergy treatment, I was excited that something else could help, but I didn’t feel ready to commit to weekly visits. But, after realizing that my health wasn’t going to get any better unless I did something, I decided to start the treatment, and I am so happy I did. I haven’t gotten a cold since I started seeing Susie, despite having been around people that are sick, and my eczema has improved immensely. If I get eczema flare-ups, they are rare and brief. Since seeing Susie, I’ve learned so much more about the immune system and how to view the body holistically. I haven’t regretted it a single day.  


Cambridge, MA


Two years ago, my otherwise healthy eight year old son contracted c.difficile, a highly contagious bacteria that attacks the small intestine.  After taking a high dose antibiotic, he was still suffering from the residual c.difficile which can cause spores in the lining of the small intestine, and he began to experience frequent stomach pain. There really wasn't any pattern to these bouts, so it was very hard to pinpoint if anything specific was causing it.  Chron's and Celiac disease were ruled out.  He had never suffered from food allergies per se, but did suffer frequently from eczema.  As time went on and the pain was still occuring, we decided to keep a food journal and get him tested for allergies with the IGe blood test.  The results didn't show anything concrete, except for some higher numbers on diary products.  Once we cut out dairy from his diet altogether, he did seem to get a bit better, but not to the degree we were hoping.  We were at our wits' end, as not only were the stomach pains still occuring, he started experiencing high anxiety because of it.  He had lost some weight, didn't have his usual energy, and was pale. We really didn't know where to turn and then a friend recommended the Allergy Release Technique, as her oldest son had been cured of severe peanut allergies when he was around six with this treatment.
My son started seeing Susie in September 2012, and after eight months of weekly treatments, I am so happy to say that he is doing incredibly well, physically and mentally.  He is back to eating what he loves and has gained four pounds!  During the treatments, Susie determined that he suffered from some enviornmental chemical allergies too, which has also helped me in picking the right products for him from sunscreen to shampoo/soap.  I was a bit skeptical at first, but seeing my son feeling better in many ways, I realized we were on the right track.  Susie is so wonderful with children and has a warm, soft-spoken way of talking to them and explaining how the technique works.  At times when we had to change day/time due to one thing or another, she would accommodate us.  Inbetween appointments, I would email her with any concerns and she would always get right back to me with a detailed answer or offering to schedule an additional appointment if needed.
Allergy Release Technique really does work!  We were so blessed to have found Susie right in our own backyard :) 
Stacey Cataldo 

Lexington, MA
I was encouraged to go to Susie by my sister, who previously had many allergies and sensitivies and found the allergy release technique to be helpful. While I had fewer (known) allergies to overcome, I felt the program could contribute to my general wellness. I had been getting colds very frequently and just didn't feel that I was healthy, even though I have a fairly healthy lifestyle. My biggest reservations about seeing Susie were the cost and the time commitment (a weekly appointment). However, I liked that allergy release technique was non-invasive, and the testimonials were powerful, so I decided to give it a try. If it worked, it would absolutely be worth my time and money.

One year later, I am done with the treatment and I feel good about my decision. In addition to feeling generally healthy, there are two significant, palpable differences I've noticed: I am much less allergic to cats (and I love cats), and I didn't get sick once all winter. Frequently I seemed to be on the verge of getting a cold, but I beat it every time. That was a major improvement over the past two years! I am also handling my seasonal allergies better than in years past as well. I attribute all of this to Susie's allergy release program and I feel grateful that I had learned about it and was able to see it through.

 --Alex R. 

Cambridge, MA