Susie Lee-Snell

The initial visit is a 90 minute appointment where a health history is conducted and your system is evaluated using a GSRD.   During this visit you will also be asked about your general health, allergies, digestion, and eating patterns.

The health of your immune system and your digestive track will also be evaluated as seventy percent of your immune system is in your gut.  Therefore a healthy digestive track leads to a stronger immune system, allowing a person to properly process allergens without becoming reactive.  The client will be evaluated to determine if viruses, bacteria, mold, parasite, heavy metals and vaccines overload and stress their system. A major part of the treatment process will be to clear the body of these organisms to help bring the immune system to a healthier balanced state. 

Weekly 30 minute appointments follow the initial evaluation.  During these appointments the client's immune system is supported to restore and maintain balance. In addition to supporting the immune system the practitioner will continue to work on allergens that may cause the body to become stressed, or out of balance.   Once balance has been created with an allergen the practitioner will move on to the next allergen.  Please note that the length of the treatment process will vary from person to person depending on the severity of their allergies and their overall health.